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How to Trim Your Outboard for Better Performance

trim your outboard

It takes practice to achieve the best efficiency for your outboard. To increase speed and keep your boat running smoothly, follow these tips for using trim controls.

How to Raise and Lower Trim

The button on your throttle allows you to raise or lower your outboard motor. Doing so helps you optimize the running angle of your boat. This doesn’t just make your motor more efficient; it also allows you to control your boat when it gets choppy on the water.

When you trim the engines up (and out), this pushes the stern down and makes the bow rise. Most boats run best at a slight upward angle, so you’ll want to keep your bow up a bit. This reduces drag, gives you speed, and improves your boat’s efficiency.

When you trim your boat engine down (and in), you’re holding the bow down. This is helpful on days when the wind is up and you need a little more control. Essentially, it brings more of the boat in contact with the water, helping you part those choppy waves more easily. This will slow you down, but also give you better handling.

On takeoff, you want your engines trimmed all the way in. Once you top the bow wave and are ready to build up speed, trim up and out.

You’ll hear your engine change pitch as you reduce that drag and fly over the water. If your boat begins to bounce up and down too much, you’ve probably trimmed up too far. Trim down for a more even ride, especially if you’re headed into wind and waves.

As you accelerate, you’ll find the most efficient running angle for your particular boat. With some experimentation, you’ll discover which level is most comfortable for you.

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