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Mercury Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke 25W-40 3 GAL CASE


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A technology-specific 25W-40 marine oil formulated for the world’s first and only supercharged and intercooled outboard engine. The unmatched torque and acceleration of this engine requires maximum protection found in this well-balanced combination of today’s highest quality synthetic and mineral base stocks. Verado Oil meets the stringent marine operational requirements of all Mercury’s 4- and 6-cylinder Verado models. First-in-class for all FC-W durability test properties, with industry-leading internal marine engine corrosion protection. Here are the results from a comparison test between Verado Oil and a popular 15W-50 full synthetic oil.

  • Verado oil shows significantly better shear stability and volatility, and is higher in viscosity and High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) after shear.
  • The popular competitive formulation uses a fair amount of VM (viscosity modifier) which is subject to shear, while the Mercury oil contains no VM. As a result, the Mercury oil will hold its viscosity far better in difficult situations.
  • The HTHS after shear follows along with the viscosity stability, which results in improved bearing protection.

Use of the full synthetic competitive oil resulted in higher oil consumption than the Mercury 25W-40.

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3 Gallon