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What is Fuel Treatment and Why Does Your Outboard Motor Need It?

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As you know by now, there’s much more to boating than a simple outboard motor. From safety to navigation, you can spend plenty of cash collecting everything you need for a summer out on the lake. 

Depending on the manufacturer, you may need 2-stroke or 4-stroke marine oil, among other supplies. When you purchase that marine oil, it’s important to pick up fuel treatment as well. Why? 

Fuel treatment prolongs the life of your outboard by fighting corrosion, keeping fuel lines clean, and lubricating your engine. 

Protect Your Investment with Fuel Additives

Without special care, the gas in your boat can cause problems in your engine. Gasoline left in the tank can go bad and cause fuel components to oxidize. This leaves residue in your fuel lines, carburetors, and injectors. Over time, carbon deposits can form in your combustion chamber, which slows your engine’s performance. 

Many fuels today contain ethanol, which can damage your engine because it pulls moisture out of your tank. When ethanol absorbs water, it can cause phase separation, causing even more problems for your boat’s outboard motor. 

Benefits of Adding Fuel Treatment 

Fuel treatments take care of ethanol-related problems in gasoline engines. If you use products like a fuel treatment or fuel additive, you can reduce the corrosion inside your engine, remove carbon deposits, keep your injectors clean and avoid phase separation. All of this reduces the wear on your engine and helps you avoid breakdowns. 

Whether you own a Yamalube or a Mercury engine, you’ll get the following benefits when you add a fuel treatment: 

  • Helps prevent corrosion caused by ethanol & water
  • Stabilizes tank fuel 
  • Cleans fuel injectors & carburetor jets
  • Cleans & lubricates critical upper engine areas
  • Helps reduce long-term engine wear

When it comes to your favorite investment, adding fuel treatments to your shopping cart each time you buy marine oil is a small price to pay for all the value you get out on the water. 

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