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100 Hour Maintenance Kit 40/50/60 HP EFI


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Protect your investment with Mercury 100 Hour Maintenance kits. Mercury recommends the following products while using this kit: 

  • Mercury Synthetic Blend SAE 25W-40 thru all temperature ranges. For sustained temperatures below 40° F use Mercury SAE 10W-30. 
  • Mercury High Performance Gear Lubricant SAE 90
  • Mercury Quickare: Use with every fill up to maximize engine performance.
  • Mercury Quickleen:  Use  to clean  out fuel system and combustion chamber deposits.
  • Mercury Quickstor: Use before starting engine to prevent regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidizing. 


  • 1 Oil Filter
  • 1 Low Pressure Fuel Filter
  • 1 High Pressure Fuel Filter
  • 1 Oil Drain Seal
  • 3 Gearcase Drain Seals 
  • 1 Thermostat
  • 2 Thermostat Gaskets

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